Badass Band Tees

Welcome to our Baddass Band Tees shop! These tees are hand distressed and dyed meaning each tee is unique. Some tees in our shop are preloved finds that are given a second chance at a good home, and others are brand new customizations. Details of the tee will be provided so you find the best band tee to fit your style. Tees are all one of a kind which means the dye on each design is different. If you see something you like, grab it while you can because another design exactly like it WILL NOT be restocked.
Things to remember...
★ Bleach thins/breaks down fabric over time and small distressing at random can/should be expected. This means holes can and may appear in your shirt after use. If this is a problem for you, please do not order. I cannot do anything about holes appearing on shirts, some develop them while others do not.
★ Pay close attention to the sizing. Some tees are listed in men's sizing while others are listed in women's or juniors. Unlike the rest of our shop, multiple sizes of each design will not be available. If we find a vintage Van Halen tee in men's size x-large, that is all we have of this design. 

★ Lastly, because these tees are custom and one of a kind, there will be no refunds or returns. Item photos and descriptions will be as detailed as possible to avoid any misunderstanding of what is being sold.